It’s all about the Budapest-Bamako amateur rally this year, which runs from the Hungarian capital to the African town of Bamako.

Very astounding riders started out to this not much 8629 km rally race. Someone had a small size car for the 16-day race, someone else has a Trabant, and they were all alone. The most interesting thing was a single woman among the other riders. They usually started in a team with a staff of 3-4 members. The most common SUVs were Toyota, which I don’t even admire, they are incredibly robust. Lada Niva was not a starter, it is also really good.

All my respect for the starters, they have a great courage for this big challenge for someone to enter into such a competition, so what a glory it is to go through Europe and the desert. Endurance and good luck for the travelers!

All racers started in a Lurdy parking lot yesterday, which can be viewed here:


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