Stand Out From The Crowd, Use an .ME Domain Name

Stand Out From The Crowd, Use an .ME Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is always raise some questions. There are many options that which domain could you choose (and have to) for yourself, especially if you thinking longer period. Let’s see what offers the now trend .me domain name.

What’s the meaning of the .me domain?

We could think that the “me” is the meaning of “myself”, but it’s not. It’s Montenegro official ccTLD (country code top-level domain) name, the short name of the country. Montenegro’s independence of Serbia is made officially in 2006. Before that it was the cg.yu name (2003-2006), even before that Yugoslavia used the .yu domain name (1992-2003). But what now? What do they use the .ME now?

Montenegro's location in Europe
Original Source of pic:

Who can registers .me domain name?

The registration is completely open for everyone. You don’t have to be Montenegro citizen. A few years later after the independence of the country, the big companies have been started a new trend, that was the domain hacks early period. – No, it is not something illegal thing – This means, those huge companies like Facebook or the PayPal found new idle opportunities about the .me domains. For example:

For personal or commercial use?

So-so. It depends on you. Let’s look at the latter. If you have an individual proprietorship that you want to make it more memorable – see examples above – or/and want to use a branded URL-shortener. Their use could be more professional look about your activity and it doesn’t cost much.

Official website
Official website

Let’s see the other use mod of .me domain if you use it at a private person. According to my own experience, this solution is the best choice to they want to get excited and throw away the well-known .com / .net / .org norm and use a well remembered, unique ending.

Personalities? That’s good!

If you have a personal blog – like this – where the content and the portfolio count, then this type of domain could be your choice with your full name. In addition, the chance is greater of being a free .me domain. For me the .com domain would be too pompous, moreover, I have no product to sell. According to my knowledge, the .net domain mostly uses in the internet provider industry. The .org is a great ending, but if you have no community, a project or an organization, for me it’s misleading. The .me is not more and not less than me and my writings. That’s it!

Do you want a .me domain for you?

My own is registered by Namecheap for a few bucks. It’s true that It was a concessional period, but not more expensive than the price of a .com domain. Sometimes it’s worth checking out and then buy it.

Write your own .me domain name in your comment section and also add the reason why you chose it. Go for it!

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