How To Photograph Fireworks?

How to photograph fireworks

I read some “howto” articles about photographing fireworks. It seemed easy to me. I have never done this before therefore I’ve been waiting in excitement for the Hungarian state foundation day celebration at night when the usual fireworks comes I could put my knowledge to the test.. Or maybe not.

UPDATE: Great news! The 500px has been uploaded this pic to its Instagram profile and gained over 11 thousands likes. Click here to open it.

Nothing has happened according to my plans. As it appeared to me almost everything depends on the preparation. Let’s see what I mean.

Take your place in time

The most important thing is to plan the night ahead. It means you have to choose a place you like (for example: a bridge) and then search for the exact spot on the bridge from where the building, the sky or anything you want to make a picture of is in your composition in a way that it makes your picture exciting and unique to you.

Always have a plan B

If there is not enough room left, don’t get discouraged. Let’s turn to plan B. Just raise your camera high enough so the heads of the people disappear from the frame. Of course you can’t do it for a long time. If you took with you a tripod or a monopod and you have a remote release too then it will be easier, especially if your camera has a flip LCD-screen.

About the settings

It depends a lot on the lens’ quality, but one thing is sure, you have to use the manual mode. If you have the opportunity to use your camera in live mode, zoom in and set the focus precisely. With tripod use you only have to set one time, in hand use unfortunately you have to always set before the expos. If you have great lens, you can try the f/11 aperture setting so the whole picture will become sharper. Regarding shutter speed only your creativity is the limit. You can play around starting from 1/10th of a second to several seconds.

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