5+1 Sure Fire Tips For Trading In The Stock Market (2017)

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Do you want to know how to make millions of dollars trading currency – also known as forex – every month? A group of British scientists have dealt with this question for years. The following theoretical and practical results came up so let’s see what it takes to be successful:

#1 – Dare to take risks

Don’t worry about the money. Carpe diem, brother! In fact let’s even use all your savings. You can only win with this. They’ve told you. If you can take a loan it’s even better. It’s not worth it to play around with small money. We want to make it happen fast. You are going to pay everything back. Don’t worry about the how for now.

#2 – Think only of succeeding

There’s this really good method. If you don’t have money just let your fantasy unwind and imagine that you have it all. Just imagine that you are Scrooge McDuck swimming in your gold. You just have to imagine that the millions are flowing in from forex and the universe is going to give you everything you want. Don’t be half-hearted! Don’t put barriers infront of yourself! You deserve the best from everything. Period.

#3 – Don’t worry about life

You don’t have balance in your life? No problem! Just deny it. Money will solve everything because if you have money you have everything. Some say money doesn’t make happy? Only some broke guy can come up with something like this. If you don’t have a girlfriend you will buy one.

#4 – Start now!

Start today! You don’t need any expertise. You need two things: a computer and fast internet. After all it’s just pushing two buttons. Buy or Sell. My trained hamster could do it, couldn’t it?

Get rich fast. This is the only thing that matters.

#5 – Don’t confuse yourself with goals

You don’t need ideals. Don’t beat upon yourself with the creation of some sense of a mission. Everyone wants peace and the end of world hunger just like beauty queens before their election. We all know it’s bullshit. It’s pointless to labor the point. Everyone just wants to get rich and let it rain. If some say otherwise you know they are lying.

+1 – Listen to your intuition

If you are in a position and the market goes against you don’t jump out. The price will turn and than you lose out on the winnings. An inner voice will tell you to double down on the lot size. Don’t think about it twice. Just do it! If you are experiencing fear or frustration you got your sure signal.

Statistics show you that all trends reach an end. You don’t need technical analysis. You just have to wait until the price turns.

Let the $ and the luck be with you!

Warning! This article does not constitute advice, because it is a media hack. Trading is risky without skills and inadequate financial background. Be especially careful of any broker who offer you quick money-making opportunity.

Cover photo by Janos Virag @ realgraphy.org

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